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Colored Wig

Product material: high temperature silk
Product color: dark green, pink, purple, black, gray, gray blue, brown, gradually changing light gold, wine red, mixed gold, gold & Brown, black brown, brown, light purple, light pink, orange
Head circumference: 57cm
Product weight: net weight: 0.20kg,gross weight: 0.22kg
Wig Legth: 38cm

Total 7 colors available.
1.Rose net design, effectively prevent hair from falling, makes the skin breathable.
2.The size can be adjusted by the  rear elastic buckle to be suitable for people of different head circumference.
3.Cotton cloth design on both sides of the intranet makes it more comfortable to wear.

How to wash our wig:
1.Filling up a sink
2.Adding shampoo to the water
3.Wash the wig by hand gently
4.Rinse the wig
5.Squeeze the water out by dry towel

The wig can use hair curler or iron,but the temperature of the hair dryer should be under 130 degrees centigrade.